ITT Controls - Burner Controls

ITT Controls also has gas burner controls in its product range. The gas burner controls we sell are burner management systems for industrial burner applications. ITT Controls delivers high quality burner controls for burners and heaters used in industrial and commercial applications ranging form 10kw to over 15000 kw.

Our gas burner controls are designed with high precision in compliance with international quality standards using quality components. The gas burner controls which we offer are used extensively for different applications in various industries like bakery and ovens, automobile industries, metal industries and the oil and gas industry. All gas burner controls are robust, have a high tensile strength, have an optimum performance and a durable reliability.

If you need more information about gas burner controls please contact ITT Controls via and we will provide you more detailed information and advice.

Ray Heating

Also for Ray Heating (Heatray by celmec / Universal Ray) you came to the right place at ITT Controls. Heatray is the market leader in the field of HVAC products and provides high quality energy efficient, aircontrol, heating and cooling solutions. Besides Heatray are Cool Heat, Air Control and Celmist also available in the range of Celmec.

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Satronic Burner Controls

Satronic is a trademark of Honeywell from Switzerland and is specialized in control equipment for gas and oil burners. ITT Controls supplies these products such as burner sequence controllers, flame scanners, flame sensors, damper motors, electro-hydraulic actuators, multiblocs & gas train, gas solenoid valves, pressure switches, oil & gas filters, oil burner nozzles, burner fuel pump, combi stats, ignition transformers, ignition cables and ignition electrodes.

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Dresser Valves

ITT Controls also supplies products and components of Dresser Valves. For all phases of the energy industry Dresser Valve Division (DVD) designs and manufactures valves, pumps, actuators, and other instrumentation

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Elco Oskamp

ITT Controls also supplies products and components made by Elco Oskamp. This brand developes and manufactures boilers and heat pumps. Solar energy is also a specialty from Elco Oskamp.

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